About Us

The Council of Bristol Mosques was established in 2009 as an umbrella organisation for Masajid in the City of Bristol. It is a multi denominational body inclusive of all different Muslim schools of thought and practice. Masajid are independent voluntary organisations, managed by independent committees of local residents. The role of Council of Bristol Mosques is that of advisory and consultative.

A open invitation to join CBM stands to all Mosques to work together for the common issues that affect the Muslim community, particularly in Bristol.

Currently five Mosques have agreed to work in collaboration but we hope others will join as they see the benefits of a united voice for Bristol Mosques.

CBM is now well established and recognised working organisation.

It should be applauded that Mosques in Bristol have now put their differences aside to work together for the common issues which affect all Mosques, whatever their individual beliefs or practices.

CBM has achieved this unity amongst Mosques not by forcing any recommendation on any of its members but by playing an advisory role. It provides guidance and best practice to its members and equally provides external agencies who wish to interact or communicate with the Muslim community with a single point of contact from which information can be cascaded down to individual Mosques, almost instantaneously.

For Mosques, importantly, CBM provides a seat at almost every key meeting that Mosques should be attending but could not do so previously for many reasons, such as time constraints and other commitments.

CBM operates through a management committee made up of representatives from each of the member organisations who join CBM.

The trustees comprise representatives of the five founder members, who are:

  • Bristol Jamia Mosque
  • Easton Islami Darasgah
  • Easton Jamia Masjid
  • Hosseinieh Foundation
  • Islami Darasgah Bristol

CBM intends to become charity registered in due course.

CBM Projects

  1. CBM has visited different, award-winning Mosques accross the UK, and has learnt a great deal and looks forward to advising each of its members on how to become better individually and collectively (under the banner of CBM). Each Mosque will be encouraged to undergo capacity building programmes and to plan for the future so that they can establish a development plan.
  2. CBM has also worked with NHS Bristol to deliver a pilot project, called Midlife Life Check Assessment, which specifically targeted faith communities in Bristol. CBM is helping the NHS to develop policies in order to deliver better services to the community.
  3. CBM has created strong links with other faiths and each member Mosque takes part in the annual Diverse Doors Open day. CBM is well represented at the Multi Faith meetings and was a key partner in the 2010 faith festival.
  4. CBM is working with the police and other agencies (including local government) to stamp out extremism and extremist behaviour in Bristol and the UK. This includes Building the Bridge, All Mosques Together and MINAB (Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board). In a past trial of a young person charged and sentenced with terrorist activities, CBM represented Bristol Mosques for the first time in televised interviews and provided press statements to local media. CBM also visited and held a conference with the local residents affected by the incidence.
  5. CBM has helped the police develop a DVD charting the life of a young person who was charged with terrorist offences. The DVD has been created to explore the issue of vulnerability and to help enable communities and agencies to identify individuals who show tendencies towards committing terrorist activities. The aim is to help and support these individuals at an early stage.
  6. CBM member Mosques plans to collaborate to deliver community level projects.

CBM wishes to expand its membership and create long-lasting relationships with all parts of the Bristol community.