Hosseineh Foundation

The only Shia Mosque in the City which represents the Shia Muslim community in Bristol. Situated in a former Church the Mosque only opens for prayer on a Friday lunchtime but is used by the Shia community at weekends for a wide variety of social events. The aim of the Mosque is to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Bristol by advancing education and providing facilities in the interests of social welfare with the object of improving the condition of life for the said inhabitants. It holds 150 men and 200 women.

Facilities include:

  1. Jummah Prayers 1pm Onwards
  2. Muharram (Ashura) 7pm Onwards
  3. Majalis's 7pm Onwards
  4. Eid 7pm
  5. Eid Ghadir 7pm
  6. Celebration of the Birth of Prophet Muhammad (sawlsm)
  7. Celebration of the Birth of the Twelve Holy Imams (as) incl the Holy Women of Islam
  8. Ramadhan including Ifthari at the Hosseinieh Foundation daily
  9. Funeral Services

For further information please call 07947710390 and ask Manzoor Hussain or e-mail HosseiniehFoundation@yahoo.co.uk

Founding Member of the "Council Of Bristol Mosques" (CBM)